Many people come to the clinic for many different reasons. Some people come because of large varicose veins which are painful, inflamed and can be dangerous if not treated. These large veins can lead to blood clots if not taken care of properly. Most of the veins are ugly and unhealthy. Still, others come because of smaller spider veins or the green reticular veins that do not require the ultrasound guided technique. Whichever type of veins you have, be assured that Dr. Galati will treat them and give the best cosmetic appearance and healthiest  results possible.

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General Information
Types of Veins

 Q- How long has Dr Peter S. Galati, DPM been treating varicose and  spider veins?

Dr Peter S. Galati, DPM started treating these conditions over 22 years ago.  Since there is still no school that teaches vein care, he joined various vein societies that meet several times a year and learned the more advanced procedures. He also studied under other doctors considered the best in the field. He had to travel all over the country to hone his skills. He carefully and slowly developed the Ft. Lauderdale Varicose and Spider Vein Clinic. Today he is proud to be one of the best in this field.

  Q- Is there a consultation fee?

The consultation is free. This allows Dr Peter S. Galati, DPM and you to meet. He can evaluate your condition and give you a very good estimate of the total cost of the treatment. He charges by the treatment, not the numbers of injections. Yes the injections are virtuously pain free because the needles are so small. Those ladies reading this should remember one thing, 99% of my patients say “it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be”. This includes people who have phobias to this type of treatment. So help me. Come on in and lets take a look at those spider veins that have been bothering you for such a long time. Take action and finally see how treatment, proper food and supplements can improve the beauty of your legs, big veins or tiny spider vessels. Waiting only allows most cases to get worse. I would be glad to see anyone with this condition for a free consultation. The good Doctor really wants to help women and men regain their confidence and leg health.

  Q- What are the costs involved?

Spider veins are considered cosmetic and therefore are never covered under any insurance policy that I know. I have heard some patients say that it was covered by their insurance in the past but this is extremely rare. We will supply you with an explanation of the diagnosis and treatment codes on a super bill signed by Dr Peter S. Galati, DPM, if you want you can try to get reimbursement. Remember, this is considered cosmetic most of the time. Getting back to the cost, Dr Peter S. Galati, DPM is one of the most reasonable vein doctors in town. Payment plans are sometimes available.